Hello, I recently went to the doctor yesterday. I have general anxiety disorder, and I have an OCD of overthinkign and worrying a lot, like a lot. I recently came back from the Poconos, which was around 1,500 ft more elevation than where I have been for 20 years, so the elevation might have something to do with whats wrong with me? It is cold there, but super hot here, around 85-90s. Ny. The day after I came back I ate chocolate, I have GERD btw, and my saliva became thick. and I got a sore throat for next 2 days and anytime I ate chocolate I would get thick saliva and so on. I went to doctor yesterday, he said no strep, he said your throat is red (inflamed) and he said maybe you went from cold to hot areas etc, and I sleep under an air conditioner thats around 6-7 years old, and it hasnt been like filter replaced who knows how long.. My mom just takes off the casing in the front once and wipes it, thats all. The air isnt clear. He gave me bromphen pseudo dextro hbr syrup for my throat. I have a small fever, like my body is hot. and I feel numbness in my chest sometimes, and I feel really fatigue. Anyways, whilst I was at the doctor, the nurse decided to do a heart check/test on me. She attached small tape squares on me with cords, and then after sent me in to the doctor, after he diagnosed my throat, I asked him how my heart test was, he showed me it, and he said everything is good, heart rate is steady and fine. Phew, that relaxed my anxiety about my heart, but does that mean there is nothing wrong with my heart for sure? Like no heart disease etc.. Cause I end up googling all these things and thinking I have them, god forbid.. Anxiety getting the best of me, and I dont want to go to the doctor again this week because I went to him like 10 times this summer. I am afraid to take the bromphen pseudo dextro hbr syrup because its side effects are scary to me and ill worry alot.. My throat still hurts, my voice is like rusty, it doesnt hurt, but I feel like its burnt or somethings there.. Its like inflamed for some reason.