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My question is about flowmax,does it help with E.D?

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zarmo 27 May 2016

I have been taking Flomax for several years now, and have defiantly noticed an improvement in erections, I can not be prescribed the other ED meds because I keep showing low blood pressures. but Flomax seems to help. and now it seems that I am now waking up with erections, that has not happened in a lot of years. maybe 10 or more years. but I still have an issue of keeping the erection even with sexual stimulation, where the other ED medications I had erections and lasted longer than they do now. but I hated the side effects of Viagra or Calais. I got the headaches, sinus pressure and some minor visions issues. I only took a half dose of a 50mg pill. I have no side effects with Flomax like that. I I do like having erections again. but are not much use if they don't stay long enough to complete the job. I also have what they call dry ejaculations not much if any comes out now. I am okay with that. less clean up.
I hope this helps. Its just my experiance with this drug and my dose is 8mgs. free discount card

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