My DR Has been trying to put me on OPana Er for 3 years, and I am Curious about Exalgo And i never wanted to take Opana Er,But Ms Contin @60 Mg #x A day is not cutting it. I have a severe spinal injury,as well as a neck injury,So Daily Pain is apart of Life and have had a few surgeries, But now that Opana is on Back Order, I don't know what to do. I have been on Many hard Narcotics like Oxycontin 120 mg 4x , Methadone, Avinza, Duragesic, Not including Perc's and all other not so strong pain meds, Right now i am on 260 mg of MS Contin, they switched me to Ms because Oxycontin was no longer covered, and now they will put me on Opana 40mg 2 tablets at once, since they dont make an 80mg dose, 3x a day, but I cannot seem to find it. So I was wondering what is Exalgo Er is it like Opana Er, is it as strong, please someone answer me, I know alot of people are having problems with Opana Er, i would not advise MS Contin, and a 40mg of Opana er is no were nearly close to Ms Contin 60mg, Maybe 120 mg of MS Contin .Please someone who has been opiod dependent like me for years, LMK THANKS. =NewYorkGuy44.