I was wondering about what to do about waiting in the ER for over 9 hours in the hallway on a Cot? I was wondering how many patient go through this and what there is to do about it? (I went by ambulance because it was an emergency.)
I think it's very sad, within those 9 hours I had 1 medication that did not help, (gave me Tachycardia) had stroke like symptoms with migraine and not one x ray, CT or MRI! I have been suffering now for 13 days. They said they did all they could do, but this is not true there are many medications they could have tried! Or even Kept me overnight to see what would actually be beneficial to me. So I get to continue to suffer or try another ER, that I will end up paying more for.
I'm just very upset and wondering how many people are suffering like this?
Thank you for any and all replies.
"also this was supposedly one of the best Hospital here"