This is a highly unusual question for me. I have had to take dilaudid at varying levels over the years due to pain; I have, however, been able to reduce it substantially and went from daily use to prn. My question revolves around an incident where I experienced a bad episode and took 4- 6 2 mg pills of dilaudid for about 3 days but then the pain broke and I have only had to take 1 0r 2 2mg pills since then. My clinic does testing for opiates and I am concerned about the concentration issue. When I go to the clinic it will be 4 days since I have taken the increased amount of dilaudid and I want to know how the concentration of dilaudid shows up in the immunoassay. I realize the drug is present, but whjat about the concentration? If I took a concentrated amount 4 days ago is it sill in my system for the testing which is comprehensive? I need to have a conversation with my doctor about this and possibly increasing the dose again and I also want to know how the test works with respect to concentration.