I have diabetes type 2 and must test myself 2 times a day to monitor my blood sugar. its been going well for the last 8-9 months since i have been doing it. The last few days whenever i use the stick pen to get blood my blood comes out with a lot of pressure and when it does it spreads out all over my finger and wont bubble up. i cant get a sample like this as it spreads so thin that the strip wont pick up the blood sample. i have tried hydration because they have had problems drawing blood before and the tech said that was probably the culprit. sorry to bother the d.c. crew about this but like i always say i have to go to a free clinic ( actually county ran but we pay our co pays) and you can never get an appointment unless you can wait for months or go to an ambulatory care clinic and the co pay is 25 dollars which doesnt sound like alot for a lot of people but it is for me. any advice on how to get that blood coming out right? god bless you all and the best of health... john