I have been suffering with depression for several years and finally with help from my friends got help. My psychiatrist put me on 30mg Mirtazpine. After about 8 weeks it was making feel so much better but I was putting on weight which was getting me down. He changed my meds to 60mg Duloxetine and for the first 10 days I felt so awful, depressed, panic attacks, sick, hot and cold sweats, anxiety, feeling so scared. Am into my 3rd week now and feel slightly out of it, flat, no get up and go. Still feeling anxious. Can't believe I have had almost all the side effects. Am tempted to give up on these meds but don't want to go through more side effects with another medication, plus I have read it can be terrible coming off them, am exhausted from it all. I know people say it will get better but am feeling so low. There are so many negatives that appear to way out the positives of this medication. Can anyone please inspire me.