i was on 75 mcg's and was changed to 100 mcg's .the 100's are larger than the 75's and are harder for me to get them to stick!!i use tape around the edges to help hold them in place.but here is the problem,i am allergic to tape and sticky residue!so the first time i place a 100 mcg on my upper back close to my shoulder the place where the patch was itched like crazy and i broke out in blusters under the patch !i removed it and place another on my upper arm and did fine !this has been a month agao and i'm still got a rash the blusters have healed !is there any thing i can do to keep from breaking out !these things cost to much to waste them because the won't stick or because the break you out!!i gotta have them or i will be in so much pain that i can't stand it!!! do they make a patch that won't break you out ??it sorta suck be allergic to tape ect.!because when i have surgery i suffer some times due to breaking out and itching !!