I'm an adult female suffering from very severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and I'm also on alternating 6mg/7mg doses of Warfarin to treat a blood clotting problem.

I've been doing some reading about Turmeric supplements for treating HS and I'm really determined to try it because I've heard it can have fantastic results, but at the same time I've read that it can be dangerous to take it if you're on blood-thinning medication because it also has a blood-thinning effect and therefore you can end up overdoing it.

I really want to start doing it but don't want to put myself at risk and I would be extremely grateful if somebody could give me some suggestions as to how to combine the two. Is it possible to lower my dosage of warfarin to fit in with a turmeric regiment? If I were to take 5mg of warfarin daily plus a high strength concentrated turmeric dosage would this work? My GP has not been of much use as he doesn't know anything about turmeric supplements. Any advice or insight would be hugely appreciated.