My daughter is 7 and she was recently put on Prozac for depression. She's been on it for about 3 weeks now and her behavior was getting worse and worse. She's acting like she's had 20 cups of coffee, then melting down and crying and screaming, then eventually crashing and falling asleep. So now we have taken her off it, because apparently she was already on the lowest dose so we don't need to taper. I'm worried about withdrawal symptoms and wondering when her system will be fully cleared from the medicine. She has 2 psychiatrists but they are rarely available and they don't answer my questions very well. I am in the process of finding her a new psychiatrist but in the mean time thought I'd try to reach out and get some opinions. I feel pretty worried and don't know what to expect with her going off all medication. Is there a chance she could crash even worse and become suicidal?