Hi! i'm 20 years old and i love sports- basketball.
I've had buttock pain for a month lately. I work out and play basketball pretty much frequently like 4 or 5 days a week. When i started feeling the numbness at my buttock ,i thought it was just a temporary pain and would be ok. then, i kept doing exercises normally but that pain didn't go away, i feel the numbness and tiredness when sitting or driving mostly.I had massage for my back and the pain spot, but it 's still there.However, when doing exercise ( working out or playing ball) ,I even feel better and the pain is like doesn't exist. that's why, I know that there's something wrong and i went to family doctor to ask about this. I took an X-ray and he said that my bones is ok and told me to rest about couple weeks. I've rested for a week and feel abit better.You think that should i start doing exercise lightly and jogging or still keep resting without doing any type of exercising? thank you so much , i really need your help and i hope to get your respond as soon as possible!!