I have struggled with the debilitating panic disorder for about 25 yr.'s.. (I'm 45) It's a disease I would NOT wish upon my worst enemy..I've taken Klonipin 2 mg.'s twice daily but am now seeing a Dr. that does not prescribe narcotic meds of any kind.. Klonipin was the only drug that EVER helped me but I'm now going to have to taper off of my Klonipin and take Buspar.. I'm TERRIFIED and need support and wonder if this med really help's.. I mean without my Klonipin I'm pitiful.. Like a small child terrified really and it's SO embarrassing..I even get to the point of not even being able to leave my own bedroom without the medication.. PLEASE someone help me with some encouraging and helpful news regarding Buspar.. I've been on addictive meds for the Panic Disorder for so long I just don't know if it will (Buspar) really help me or not.. Thanks to anyone who answers