So i started my first ever packet on friday (where the blue area is) and as i followed the arrows, i got my period during the sugar pills, im currently on my last sugar pill but i still have 6 active pills left (in the blue area) and now im going to continue from my sugar pills onto the 6 active pills left in my old packet then start my new packet afterwards. but im gettign told that ive been doing everything wrong because i was supposed to take ALL of my active pills before i start on my sugar pills and now its caused me to get my period one week earlier (6 days earlier) and also i will not be protected during my sugar pill week.
just called a nurse and she said i would still be protected from pregnancy even if i didnt take 21 pills beforehand because i did wait for 2 weeks before starting to have intercourse.

i am super confused and paranoid becuase i had intercourse during my sugar pill week and i really need help and answers thank you!