I would like to know approx.. how long it takes for Ativan to leave your system and how one is supposed to feel at different stages and at what time in the process.? I am really struggling with this.
I started taking Ativan for anxiety, stress and sleeping problems about a year ago. I started off with 1 mg. per night; then 2 mg; then 3 mg. ,and ended up taking 4 mg. per night in the past couple of months. It worked well for quite a while, and the stresses in my life kept on piling up, so I continued on with it. I did have the occasional 1 or 2 week break away from it, but the withdrawal side effects were such that I kept going back to it. I was never warned by my then-GP about the potential long term negative side effects of prolonged Ativan usage. I wish I had known! . Anyways, the Ativan started to be much less effective in recent 2 to 3 months and I was not feeling well on it anymore, so my GP discontinued it abruptly, without working out a gradual weaning-off plan. And she put me on a mild anti-depressant, which supposedly helps with sleep. After a week of pure misery, and no sleep, I started seeing another GP and asked her for a gradual tapering off plan. She told me to take .5 mg. per night for a week, and then .5 mg. every other night for 2 weeks, then stop. I am in the 2nd week of this, and the withdrawal symptoms are a little better, but not much, and I have asked for another week of .5 mg. per night, as I felt I was cut back too much..am still not feeling well and not sleeping! . It sounds like lots of other people out there have been through similar experiences... I wanted to ask what can I expect re length of time to come off the Ativan and for it to leave my system? And what would be good to take for sleeping, as the anti-depressant is not working, and I would prefer to come off it. I need sleep more than anything right now! It would be helpful to know also from others' experience how long the Ativan withdrawal will take, and when can I expect to feel a bit more "human" again?
Many thanks in advance.