I went out of town this weekend. last Wednesday I called my local pharmacy to have my atenolol refilled. well they said they would have to fax a refill request. ive never had to wait for that unless I went like a week or two without taking them and until I switched pharmacies. so Thursday I took my last one, went up to the pharmacy. they said they haven't heard anything back so my husband gave me the idea to ask for a weekend supply. keep in mind it was only Thursday. they gave me two pills. no charge. I had to take one Friday and the last one Saturday, I try my best to NEVER go without them. well now I'm freaking out and I believe that since ive been on this since I was around 8? maybe younger. I can tell when I haven't had one that day. and I cant get my medicine till Monday anyways. ive been looking up natural beta blockers food wise I seen strawberries, olives etc. I gobbled those down along with some raisin bread. hoping to tie me over until tomorrow when I pray to god my pharmacy finally has those filled. what I'm asking is I have a small amount of pain on the left side ofmy chest. keep in mind I do love to over think things and then my panic disorder sets in. should I be worried or should I be okay tomorrow?