... and all that it entails as both of my parents as well as my aunt and my brother in law all passed from cancer over the years. As of December of last yr my 37 yr old husband had officially been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It has since spread to his Liver. He is choosing quality of life over treatment. I support that. Some days are good and some days are bad. We live out each day the best we can and enjoy as much of each day as we can. We know what we will be facing in the end and how sick and how much pain he will go thru when it is him time. This last weekend we had an episode that was quite scary for me. On Saturday he for the most part had a good day. In the evening he took 1 Norco 5/325 mg to ease some of his pain. He started feeling better again so a little bit later in the evening after our son went to bed we got pretty hot and heavy for a bit. All seemed fine but after the fact while he was just sitting on the chair in our bedroom just clear as day he lost his entire short term memory. He did not know who I was. He did not know what city we lived in. He could not tell me how many children we have. He could not tell me anything about his childhood or siblings or parents. He could barely walk. He could not take a shower so I had to sort of give him a sponge bath. This lasted for about an hour and as the minutes went by he got more and more upset and frustrated and scared. I finally got him calmed down enough to sleep. I actually had to sooth him and rub his head constantly like you would soothing a child just to get him to fall asleep. On Sunday morning he was back to normal and completely has no memory of that episode ever happening. I never recall either one of my parents having an episode like this and I was the last family member to see either both my parents alive before it was thier time. Is this something that may be a reoccurance that I have to prepare myself for or could this be something due to adrenaline mixed with the Norco that he took. Or is this something that may be completely unrelated to his cancer. I work with physicians every day but this is not a personal thing I would disclose with the Dr's that I work with every day. Does anyone have any input on this? Any info would be greatly appreciated