I have tried 600mg of alphalipoic acid , one caplet, for about 2 weeks- It didn't help at all with my BMS, which I have had over 2 years, plainly around the tip of my tongue-- As you know, it's very painful, like having one, unending injection. Today I went to an oral surgeon at UPenn, in Phila. He told me
about various remedies to try to reduce my pain. (no cure, just temporary remedies!) He suggested Capsacin. I'm afraid to take it, however, as I've used it before for other issues, and it burns like Hell! I'm going to try it, however mainly because I'm desperate! . What dosage should I take, and does it come as pill, cream, etc? Also my dr. suggested to take a lower dose of Alphalpioic Acid, 200 mg., 3 times per day. Does this work, please let me know if you have had experience with using either alphalipoic acid or capsaisen, and did these work to help lessen your pain of BMS?