I am currently prescribed 20 mg Adderral 4 x's a day. About 3 days ago I only took 1 20mg pill instead of the 4 because I was nauseous & the thought of swallowing anything made me sick. However, I still wanted to keep something in my system for fear of what would happen if I didn't take any. When I felt better, I resumed my normal dosage plus I took 2 extra throughout the day to make up for the 6 I didn't take when I was sick. Now I'm worried that I messed up because all of a sudden, my doctor ordered a drug panel & I'm freaked out that the test will show the 2 days I took the extra pills & it will look like I'm abusing my meds!!! Should I not take the meds for a day or 2 to offset the extra pills? This medicine really works for me & I don't want to be taken off for something so innocent & stupid--- but I know how strict they are with this medicine!!! Help!!!