My husband, Harry, has been diagnosed , at age 61, with moderate/ severe ADHD- His doctor, Dr. David Goodman( Johns Hopkins psychiatrist /ADHD specialist) started him on Ritalin which, after 10 weeks, didn't work at all- He was switched to Adderall, generic, standard release- He has been on this for 5 weeks so far, 30 mg. per day- we have noticed some very slight improvements, i.e.- a little better concentration on things, but not much else- His type A personality has barely changed at all. Also, Harry has no drug or health care insurance at all and, with the Obama care fiasco, I don't see him getting any in the foreseeable future- He cannot hold a job for more than 3 weeks, and so he is currently unemployed, and trying to look for a job, despite the limits of his condition, I am retired myself due largely to my own emotional issues,and we have, as a result, many financial problems- So we are using generic drugs, to try to save some money- I have no choice here, as I cannot live like this much longer, with his ADHD symptoms, especially with his anger flair-up episodes,so we are trying hard to have some resolution to this bad situation- so far, as I said the generic Adderall is not doing much- I don't want him to switch to yet another ADHD, fearing cost and thinking that the others won't work much better. So, as last resort, we are going to try, with Dr. Goodman's approval, of course, to use the time-released generic Adderall, and pray that this makes a difference- Dr. Goodman says that time- release costs 2-3 times as much as standard, but we really have no choice- We will have to scrape the money together, somehow- Finally, my question to anyone in this group who might be able to give us some answers: Has anyone of you used time- released Adderall? If so, do you feel that it has worked better for you than standard release, especially as it's not going to wear off in 4-5 hours, like the standard release does? Has anyone of you perhaps, used both standard and time release Adderall, or know of someone who has done this, and did they notice a difference between the standard and time release, in how much improvement or success which they had?? I cannot afford to buy the brands, simply because we don't have the money- I know they say that generics are not always the best to use in Adderall, as there are different kinds of salts used ( I did a lot of research on this) between 1 generic and another- However, we are both desperate, and will do whatever needs to be done to help him feel and act better. We will struggle with managing the higher costs of either the time release or brand name of Adderall, but only if we can find out if it it's worth the higher costs,,if in fact, it helps more to improve his condition- We cannot afford to try drug after drug to find one which might work for Harry- We are desperate! Any ideas, insights, etc. which anyone of you might have on this issue, will be greatly appreciated by both Harry and me-
Thank you for hearing me out-