Ive been on subs for a year. I stopped taking it last week. I was on day 5 of w/d's and couldnt stand not sleeping so I took 4mg. For 3 days after that I continued taking 1 dose per day. The doses varied from 4mg to 12mg. I was actually feeling a little buzz from it!! Anyway, so last night was my last dose again. I flushed the rest of my subs and am determined to stick it out. What Im wondering is whether or not I am back at day 1 again?? I know subs are not like heroin or oxy's, and Im just hoping that it will almost be like a ween down. The docs tell ya to try to skip a day or 2 when coming down, so is that like what I did, or did I make it worse for myself?? I have 2 young kids and Im freaking out about going through the whole 5 days again. Any input would be great.
This isnt the first time Im going through this. I was on subs for 2 years and quit cold turkey. I was much better by day 7 and actually slept by the 10th day. It was waaaaay better than heroin w/d. What was your experience with the sub w/d? How long before you felt better? I know that the mental shit lingers for a month or more. But I do remember feeling and 80% difference by day 10. Most people claim that it was the worst w/d they ever went through. I dont get that!! The shitty part about this is that after kicking the sub I didnt even relapse. I stayed clean for a year and went back on subs. So now here I am going through it again. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sorry that its so long.