Hi. I'm currently on pain management for disc herniations. I've been taking Norco for about a year now. I'm prescribed 3/day, and I fill my script every 30 days. Over the course of the month, I took an extra pill here and there, which has left me a day short. I knew I'd probably be sick for the day, told a friend, and he offered me a 1mg Suboxone to use to get through it (today). I waited until the withdrawal was bad, and took it around noon. I refill my pain med script tomorrow. I've heard so much about don't take this, wait until then, do this, don't do this, when taking Suboxone. I'd just like to know how long I'll have to wait until I can take my meds after taking the 1mg suboxone today. Should I start taking my meds like usual, tomorrow, or do I need to wait? Will I die/OD? Remember, I've never taken Suboxonet before. Just took 1mg today to get through one day of withdrawal. First time taking it ever. Thanks. If anyone can shed some light here, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.