I have been reading all the posts about suboxone & I am now scared 2 death i was put on suboxone 8 day's ago for opiate withdrawl, I had a lot of pain the last six months so I started taking oxycodone 10mg 3 x's a day, I found out I have fibermyalga & can take other medications for it so I don't need to take opiates everyday but when I stoped the oxycodone I went through major withdrawls, I couldn't suffer through them so they put me on suboxone I'm scared because everyone is saying the withdrawls from suboxone are way worse than opiate I don't think the suboxone is good for me I feel sick it makes my blood pressure go way up it causes anxiety attacks and a couple other problems the suboxone Dr told me I would have to take it for 3 months to a year so my question is how do I taper down myself WITHOUT WITHDRAWLS the reason I took it in the first place! and does anyone know how bad the withdrawls would be if I have only been taking it for 8 days I've only been taking 8mg 2x's day for 4 day's someone help please!