I am currently on Ritalin 10 mg 4 x daily. and Doxepin 25 mg 1 x nightly. Unfortunately I have to take a 2 week long vacation and need it early, the date to refill the medication is during my vacation. The doctor gave me three seperate prescriptions, the 1st to fill that day, the 2nd (30) days from the original date and the 3rd script (60) days from original date. also on the prescription it says "disp. on july 31st " which is 10 days away (tomorrow)and exactly 30 days from the last script I got filled. I understand Ritalin is a schedule II narcotic, but is there any chance ANY pharmacy will fill it any earlier ? possibly even tomorrow or the day after?
Oh yea By the way taking the script to the state I am going to won't help due to the out of state Schedule II prescription laws.