I'm new to this board, and have a few questions becuase I am afraid to ask my doctor. For the last year, I have been prescribed 240 7.5 percocets by my PCP. We've been either going up in mg dosage, or gone down. I have a narcotic contract with her, and give a urine test everytime I go to get my new script every month. About a month ago, we decided to increase the dosage to 10mg and to my suprise, they were making me very sick. I made an appoinment, and had to see a different doctor because she was on vacation. Thinking I was doing the right thing, I disposed the 10mg percs and thought nothing of it, since I was going to see this doctor and obtain a new script. Well, he yelled at me instead, and told me I should have brought them in for a pill count. My OWN doctor never has done this, so I was thrown off. I left, and was left to wd for about a week until my doctor came back from vacation. I had never been off the medication, and therefore got so sick, I had to resort to taking 1/3 of a suboxene, which unfortuantely my doctor saw in my urine when I went to see her. She told me this raised a red flag, because she had never prescribed the medication and that I would be doing pill counts every visit. She gave me a new script, and told me every visit we'd go down 5 pills to slowly ween off of them. Long story short, I took the medication for about 2 weeks then decided to stop. I disposed of them, and one night ended up going to the ER 3 times in one week for servere pain. All 3 ERs were different, and the scripts they wrote out were not enough, and filled each script at 3 different pharmacies. The third script, the pharmacists called CVS, and CVS told her about my 240 7.5 and that i was filled 2 weeks ago. She polietly gave me back my script from the ER and said I can't fill it, but you may take it elsewhere to get it filled. I am not addicted to thses meds, if anything I want to get off them but unfortunately I have such awful chronic pain, that I end up in the ER. BEcause i have a pain contract, is going to the ER considered doctor shopping? Also, will that pharmacist red flag me? Will my doctor get the reports to the ER for all those 3 times i went and cut me off? And will, CVS call my doctor to let them know the other pharmacy called them letting them know I tried filling a different script for the same medication? HELP!!