Please can someone tell me if this is possibly what happened .
I was taking approx 3-4 fioricet a day for about 2 weeks.
There mayhave been a day or so where i took 5 .

I was taking for headache and didnt want to keep taking them so i may have taken one before i stopped completely i cant eveb remember -but out of no where i started having severe panic atacks/ anxiety .

I couldnt focus on anyhting and i would literally shake and cry out of no where .
Now i am to the point where all i do is dwell on the panic and dont want to even leave my house -at least not alone.its a vicious cycle
i used to take walks all over hop on the bus to go shoppingnow i have a feeling that soemthingbad willhappen which is the axiety i knw because it is out of control and cossuming me.

i have no one i can tellthis too .
trying to figure outhow this mess started i realize it hapned right after stopping the fioricet-

i wasnt taking them that long but still thatis the only thing i think triggerd the way i now that a possibilty? i check wd symptoms and didnt see anxiety - i also have been having a knot in my stomack feeling

I took only a hlf of one last night and seemd finally to focus for a small amt of time- so i am thinking that was the cause - and please how can i wean off?
I dont know the proper cut back and time frame for trying this.

THank you in adavnce and god bless us all: