I have taken Oxycontin for many years at a dosage of 120 mg 4x daily, since people have abused Oxycontin so much, the pharmacutical company changed the breakdown, and therefore they don't work the same, they changed the compound do to people sniffing and injecting it like Heroin. I never have, but it makes no difference now, in NY State, they will never change it back, and to anyone who has been on Oxycontin since the change they know how weak the new pills are, so my DR wants me to be put on Opana Er at 80 mg 3 x Daily, or maybe 40mg 4 x daily. I am not sure since i have heard about side effects of this medication not working, and you cannot eat for two hours after or before taking the pill, which is the exact opposite of how I take Oxycontin, I have to eat first, then i take the medication. I am in alot of pain and my pain management Dr are kinda strict they won't give me the medicine even a few days early, I have to wait 30 days which can be a problem since my DR is on Staten Island and I currently live in upstate NY, where I have a hard enough time getting my meds filled on Staten Island, where they were written, many pharmacy's have been giving me the run around, so how can I fill the Meds upstate? Sorry I am getting off Point, I am curious to hear from as many people as possible on what they think and feel about Opana. Has it Helped? Or has It Hurt? Should I stay on Oxycontin, or try Opana? Dr told me if I dont like it then I will have to bring the remainder of what is left of the pills to the office, sounds strange, shouldn't I keep them since I payed for them? Anyway will someone please help me with some answers, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much Sincerely yours New York Guy 44.