Walgreens Pharmacy at 250 Florin Rd, Sacramento, CA 95831
This is what these people do when I go there to fill my prescriptions: if I pay them cash they hold my 20 dollar bill up in the air and check it for water mark as if I am a thief, if I pay them with credit card they ask for my ID even though I have been going there for a year and they are not supposed to ask for ID when I give them a signed credit card.

So on 3/6/14 I had my prescription for Lexapro 10mg for 90 pills filled there. The paper that comes with this medicine says that my insurance paid $595.56 for 90 pills. So this morning I noticed the bottle is more than half way empty.

So I counted the remaining pills and to my disbelief, they had filled the bottle that was supposed to have 90 pills with only 30 pills. So if you fill your prescriptions at this pharmacy you will be well advised to count you pills.

So this morning when I find out I have been screwed I call them and the lady there tells me that I am raising my voice and she tells me to speak to the manager and then hangs up on me. Then I call the manager and she tell me she will look into that but she also asks me why I only noticed today instead of before? That was not very encouraging to me. I had never had this problem with other walgreens in the past 15 years.

I always wondered why they were always so suspicious of me, it wasn't me, it was them.

My steps:

1.) I will find a new pharmacy.
2.) I will file a complained with Medical and let them know that they were ripped off by this pharmacy.
3.) I will file a police report for theft.