met this guy a week ago. He lives & works in Key Largo. I'm in pompano beach. He's been blowing up my phone texting all day while he is at work & then after work constantly for 4-5 hours straight. Tonight is his first time off since we've met & as soon as he got off work told me his moms not feeling to good so he was going over to see her. Said he would talk to me tomorrow. I've tried to contact him multiple times since 6pm to find out if his mom is doin better or not. I havnt gotten any sort of response from him. It seems very shady the way he's acting. From texting me over 100 tines a day to ignoring me on his night off. Is it just me or does this situation look bad? It only takes 1 minute to text me back & tell me whats going on with his mother. If it was reversed personally I would appreciate his concern & support.