I was on depo for 2 years. Came right off that on to lutera. Never really missed a pill then I was getting sick from it. So I stopped taking it about 2weeks ago and I bleed a bit almost like a period but it was only like 3 days long. Plus I haven't had a period in about a year from the depo. Recently, about a day ago, I had unprotected sex, twice in the same day then once the next night, while off the pill plus on antibiotics.
What is my chance of being pregnant. Pleaseeee help.! Need to know. Anxious!

Just wanted to add a question to this hole situation. I'm kinda in a rut here... For the last 3 days I've have a brown kinda red discharge, sorry tmi, but it's just stopping today, i didnt cramp hardly at all either just a little bit of pain but tollerable. I took a hpt yesterday which was negative. Should I test again or what could this be?. Please help!!!