This happened several years ago-but with medicare not recognizing Armour I've been talking about T 3 and T 4. My doctor at that time recognized signs of having an unsteady thyroid-dryer skin, more brittle hair, I don't know what. I'd take a grandson in for something and she was questioning me if I was taking thyroid each day-was I skipping and then doubling up, and she didn't believe me. I got bit by a loose pit bull and same thing-It became screaming matches. Then POP- my TSH dropped out of range- the lab red lined the TSH-but my T 3 and T 4 were good. MY BP was sky high, my hands began trembling, and on and on. Just before that I had to change Drs-insurance. The new Dr wanted to give me BP meds-and said my T 3 was the real indicator and it was good. We had a screaming match about a TSH-which I won--- The lab work had the TSH in red and a handwritten note that I was at risk for heart valve damage. I used that to get a new doctor-It's actually taken me a little over a year to re-group from that. But how can this happen?