I didnt sleep at all the night before and when i got up i went to grab a tylenol and i took what i thought was a tylenol until i looked at the bottle and ir says phentermine. That night i had half a beer with a friend by the way im 13 it was not my idea. The next day i had gone and did it again soo stupid if i accidentaly took it the first time y again. But it has been 45 hrs no sleep and im scared i have hives trouble breathing mania and depression episode hallisinations PLEASE HELP I DONT WANNA DIE not now also heart beating really fast and i feel like im moving when im not and i feel as if i am gunna pass out also dry mouth also if i didnt already say this i had ALOT. of caffeine IM STUPID help plz i cant tell mom nor doctor so dont say that i need help am i gunna die :'(