Hello, I am new to this site but have seen a lot of good advice so far and have decided to seek some for myself. I hurt my back, knees, and wrist in an accident at work about 2 1/2 years ago.

I started out seeing a doctor who did nothing to help with my pain. So I finally found a doctor I heard was good and he started me out on Percocet 10/325, but they did hardly anything for me so he switched me to opana 10 ir... which seemed to work wonderfully at first. But my tolerance quickly grew and now I have been on opana er 20mg every 12 hrs, and opana ir 10 mg for breakthrough pain every 4 hrs. But I told him about 3 months ago that I thought we might need to go up a little on my dosage but he tried to tell me we could go no higher. But I have seen that there are still higher doses of opana er that he could put me on, but he won't?

I am wondering why this may be and what I should do about it because I no longer get the relief I used to get and I seem to need to take my meds just to feel somewhat close to normal but I am still in crazy pain. Also it seems like he doesn't want to address all my needs as he is only focused on my back, but I told him my knees hurt like crazy and my wrist hurts making it almost useless to me. I know I have some bulging disks, and bone spurs? If I remember correctly, but I still think there may be other issues that I am not being told about due to the doctor not wanting to have to do more work. He just comes in and tries to rush out at every 4 week visit... I'm a little confused at this and just not sure where I should go from here?

Oh and one last thing... since my docs office usually dispenses my meds to me I have never had to go to a pharmacy, but this last visit they said they ran out of the opana 10mg ir and wrote me a script to be filled. I have had so much difficulty getting the script filled due to major shortages at many of the pharmacies. I told the doc and he told me to just try and get what I could filled and to come back and he would write another script for the remaining. So I got 60 filled the first time, went back and it took them like a week to approve a new script for which I only could get 100 filled. I get 180 per month so this still leaves me 20 short and I was told to come back when I get close to needing the remaining, but this will be close to my next visit also where they will be giving me my monthly refills. So when I am due to go back and get the script written for 20, I will also be having to get a script of my er and ir for about a 7 day supply since my next visit was somehow wrongly scheduled for 5 weeks instead of the usual 4 weeks.

Do you think this doctor is jerking me around at all? Because I did not like the way he treated me on my last visit and had asked to be seen by another doctor instead but the office manager said to stick with my doctor as she would address my concerns to him and to bare with him as he was just having a bad day due to being overly busy. But I feel that was b.s. and that they purposely did the things they did and are playing games with me. But I just don't know what I should do? Should I switch doctors?

And if so what about my medication, should I try and switch to something else that would be in better supply so I would not have difficulty getting my script filled. And if so what meds ar as good or if not better than opana in your opinions? I know your not medical professionals and to not follow the advice 100%, but I'm really just in need of advice! I will make my own decisions after careful consideration of all information I gather from here and other sources along with talking to my doctor. I just really respect advice from other people who are in or have been in similar situations to mine.

Thank you for any advice that can be of any kind of help!