My husband was an alcoholic for years and honestly believe he has kicked that addiction almost a year ago. He then started doing opiates a year ago. I am unsure of how often. He says it has been a short stent of it and not all the time. We have had a few incidents the last year. Kicked out of our home and he lived on the streets for a couple weeks, lived in sober living for almost 5 months, and just recently we found him in the bathroom on the floor with a needle next to him (which ended up being heroin). He was taken to the hospital emergency by ambulance and received a ticket for being under an illegal substance. Was released then next night took many Xanax and was hard to wake up. Ambulance was called again and then he was 5150d due to possibly wanting to harm himself. He was released from pysch hospital after 5 days. He signed up for an outpatient addiction program with our insurance now. He is being tested every day and has been given medication for the opiate withdrawals or just to help him get past the issue - since he says he is not addicted to it like other addicts. I believe him and then I don't at the same time. He doesn't plan to continue the program after court and says he will not stop smoking pot. I am at a loss of what to do. Do I stay or go? I have a toddler to think about; he is good with our child though and our child loves him very much. He is not taking the program seriously; he says he is going through the motions of it for court and does not feel he needs it since he says he is DONE with it. I have told him that if he ever goes back to it I will be done with this life together - I will not continue with him if he choses to do that life. He states I am asking too much of him at one time. Do I remain patient and let him (Let him is a funny word since he will do what he wants to do and how am I to really stop him) smoke pot and keep faith, hope and trust that he is truely DONE with opiates? His family is so against him smoking and wants him to not get kicked out of the program; I feel pressure from them on me to get him to do the program and to stop. What am I to do? I need advice. I feel a mess inside and so much to deal with everyday - it is hard.