Had an anxiety and panic problem for years also depression since I was 16 yrs old. I am 59 now. Finally, back in 2005 a good psychiatrist said I was bi-polar. I was in and out of psychiatric wards off and on before that. He put me on the right psychiatric medications that have worked out well since 2005. Valium was one of them at 10 mg.2 times a day along with 1000 mg depokote and 100 mg of seroquel. when I started feeling better I cut the valium myself down to 5mg 2 times a day. Now the psychiatrist I am now with has cut it even more and palpitations are back along with anxiety off and on through out the day and sometimes panic attacks. He also doesn't listen to me, every-time I see him he just goes through a long line of questions and I can never get to actually talk to him. I did ask him to do 2mg three a day but to no avail or as needed. I do not over do the medication Valium. I see a state run psychiatrist and not happy with not being able to give him my own feedback. I am intelligent not just a statistical number. I am fed up I wish I had my other doctor back. At least he listened and gave feedback.