For starters I will say that I am only in my 20's and I have 2 children. I know many probably will think I'm just being lazy and dramatic. Since I had my daughter (2 yrs old) I have been diagnosed with PPD, Clinical depression and anxiety. However, this is not the advice I am asking about.

The past year I have been getting severe headaches. They are extremely painful & I often call into work or leave early due to the severity of them. Now my job is not hard, I work as a CSR at a call center. These headaches also limit my ability to care for my 2 children.

I often lay in bed and sleep because I can't get rid of them any other way. I have tried OTC meds like Tylenol, ibuprofen, excedrin, Advil. I have even been prescribed 4 different meds to help with these headaches. I have recently been sent to a neurologist and am still looking for treatment.

My problems have caused numerous fights with my husband because I leave work early or I don't go and my paychecks are short (and my job is only 20 hrs a week anyway) . He pressures me into finding a fulltime job and I'm hesitant because I have such a difficult time with the part time due to the headaches. He recently said something about disability. However, I don't think I have much of a chance at that due to I've only worked about a year and a half total.

The headaches haven't been diagnosed as anything yet but the pain I struggle with has brought back the severity of my depression. Would I even have a shot if I tried disability?

I feel that if I try I will only be seen as a lazy young adult that doesn't want to work. Need some advice please? What are my best options in this case? Would my other diagnoses help with my claim if I tried?