Having had my first breakdown since 1965 and still suffering i do wonder at the age of 65 is there anything to relieve my anxiety?The drugs that where most effective "mandrax" in the 70,s and rohypnol which i was on for 20 years plus and coped quite well.I am under going treatment once again the latest drug was "mirtazapine" horrific side effects for me.I have been on the usual ssri's cetalopram etc didn,t notice anything at all,I've worked all my life don't smoke or drink.All i would like is to have anormal life without this irrational fear,panic.I've even tried and paid for "The Open Reach Treatment" not cheap,no did not work for me.I know there is not a wonder drug but it would be nice just at the age of 65 not to be overwhelmed by this and have in my twylight years a descent quality of life.