... but he writes 30x2. and it made me feel like it lasted longer so he wrote it again, i've never taken any ir. in my life... why does 30mg ir when i take it at 8:00-8:30 i can still feel euphoria and the effects at 4p.m.(8hrs) alot of ppl say 2-3 for them.. 3-4.. like wtf , remember he wrote this for me in 1 month. never taken before. any kind of IR?" have been going to a doctor where i live called greyson & associates , for only 2 months now my doctor says oh yeah . " we're shutting the building down in 3 weeks " Okay... to make it less confusing and to get more feedback... 1st day, he gave me klonopin 1mg 4x a day and temazepam, prozac 40mg scheduled for 2 weeks he gives me Adderall IR. 20mg x2 a day.. it seemed like it worked longer than 4-6 hrs because most i took before was 15mg only 3 times from school.. anyways he also gave me at that 2 week appt. xanax bars 2mg 3x a day, tramadol 50mg 1x a day, halcion 0.75mg, then he schedules for 2 weeks again... gives me 30mg IR Adderall x2 a day and it seems like it last more like 8 hrs for me .. i mean being put on a dose that quick my friend told me he stayed on 20mg x2 a day for 6 years before the doctor gave him 30mg.x2. okay... the 2 weeks visit that im still talking about he gave me 4 xanax bars every 4 hrs, 4 klonopin 2mg every 4 hrs.. nembutal.. and the adderall smoked with a ciggarette or drinking it with coffee ? my friend told me it last longer, and then i go back to him 2 weeks later.. he says we're shutting the office down ... and he has written me only 5 scripts i take total of 2 narcotic pills day/32 controlled subst. pills. And everyone in the office says they are going to see my doctor, and they're talking about how great and nice he is... he is just like free with the pen, he gave me 5 refills on every script. and is going to send a letter to a doctor he knows to leave as prescribed everything.. Okay, i know this the doctor is going to work at the mental hospital because he gives less pills there... instead of the psychiatrist office. I know he seems a little easy/free handed with the pen writing anything you ask for ... I really just want to know in 1 month of taking Adderall IR. x2 a day 30mgx2= 60mg a day why do i feel it last almost as long as xr for 1 pill like 7-8 hrs.. and still do... prescribed for adhd. gives me euphoria, ifound my whole bottles of meds xanax bars, halcion, klonopin , nembutal, adderall 30mg ir, and first thing i went for was like handfull of em, and got like 25 . put em in my room... and then i would take 2 -5 at one time.. and it would last almost all day.. my question is why does 30mg IR last almost 8-9 hrs for me , and other people have been on it for 5-6 years say it last less.. how long will i feel it lasting this long and giving me the euphoria and energy and focus cleaning , confidence, talkitaveness, all that ? how long will that last only been taking 1 month now