I just found out I am pregnant and suffer from horrible migraines and lower back pain. Right before I found out I was pregnant, my doctor wanted me to go get an x-ray because my back keeps getting worse. This is how I found out I was pregnant. I always take prenatal vitamins for the health benefits but I was taking around 80 ml of hydrocodone before I found out I was pregnant. I currently take around 50 ml of hydrocodone a day to function however I want to get off the norco as soon as possible. I tried lowering my dosage and my headaches are so bad it's hard for me to work. My job requires me to speak all day long so a headache is not something that I can handle. I have an appt to see my baby doctor in two weeks and I wanted to know what is a safe number to take to wean off the norcos without withdrawing and harming the baby. I am currently 6 weeks along. Thank you for your response in advance. Also if you know any headache medicine that works or pain medicine that will help me with the back pain that is more safe for the baby I would really appreciate it. I feel so horrible about this and I am sick to my stomach thinking I can do something to harm the baby. Thank you for your support.