Hello out there. I feel as though I'm about ready to burst and that alone is one of my issues. Maybe it's my locale, I don't know, but it has been 8 months and all I get is 20mg of Prozac. I've been on that way in the past and up to 60mg and developed burnout. I'm a 55 yr. female. I have had depression most of my life along w/ADHD, half a thyroid due to noncancerous nodes since 2010 on Levothyoxine. My older sister is bipolar plus she has narcolepsy, my mother had severe depression so is this heredity? Is there something that I am doing wrong that I cannot find a provider willing to finally help me? I am SO sick and TIRED of feeling blah, lifeless and ready to rip someone's head off for me feeling defensive and misunderstood. I think I'm being direct w/drs I have spoken to about this. What do I have to do? Beg? Cry and carry on? Get admitted to the physch floor? I live in WI close to 3 major metro areas. Can someone please give me an idea of what is going on? Thanks so much. Wondering Why in WISCONSIN.