I feel TERRIFIED to be around crowds,I'm scared, it's hard to breath, palms are sweaty, ready ito cry. i have to leave. my legs feel like their not going to hold me up, heart pounds,feels like a blood pressure cup on my whole body, feel all tense,calm down,before you know it,I'm all tensed up again. it's very exhausting. i take clonazepam, and cymbalta. been taking them for 11years. I can't even set in the congregation at church bcause there are A LOT of people. don't join in on functions bcause of that . bought ticket to see Brantly Gilbert. had to leave, to many people. currently seeing therapist, just found out psychiatrist is leaving. BIG BIG some kind of attack. don't know if it was panic or anxiety. don't deal with male drs. feel more comfortable with women.