Meds I have done well on, (but obviously not TOO well or I'd still be taking them), are: Prozac (couldn't deal w/ the anxiety is caused), Welbutrin (same thing - anxiety), and that's about it.
Drugs that made me severely depressed/worsening of symptoms were Cymbalta & Lexapro.
My concern about Zoloft would be the weight gain, (although I'm one that eats more when I'm depressed not when I'm happy) and being tired all the time.
I'm currently on Viibryd for four weeks now and although I don't love it or hate it and the side effects are somewhat tolerable, I just don't feel this huge "lift" of depression. Eating like crazy, tired, then wired w/ sporadic days of sadness, loneliness and reclusing. They say to give it 6 weeks ... I just don't know how it's going to do something miraculous in the next 2 weeks.
HELP experienced SA/MDD antidepressant users!