I have 5 days left of my 12 week treatment, I just want to say how happy I am. I was undetectable at week 4 and get my blood work drawn on April 5th for my end of treatment. I have twice failed prior attempts in the past so this is very exciting news. Please give harvoni a chance, I was skeptical of this because the prior treatment came with such a high success rate (interferon/ribiviran/boceprivar) and failed. It was very had on me as I am sure most of you know.
This go around I had no side affects until about the eighth week in which I have experienced that isolated itch on scalp but very minimal hair loss.
I have not had this much energy in years and I am thinking clearer. That started about the second week.
Please give this a chance my fibrosis scale was only between 0/1 so I am not as sick as others going into this.
Good luck to all and god bless!