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What is this pill - with 'xano 2' imprint?

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Inactive 12 Jul 2013

You are reading the imprint the wrong way round, it says onax on 1 side and the 2 is on the other side, it is a white rectangle pill... a bar.

Generic Name: Alprazolam
Strength: 2 mg
Manufacturer: Ocean Pharmaceuticals (Private) Ltd., Pakistan
Trade Name: Onax
Type: Antianxiety
Size (mm): 16 X 5


Pill image:,%20cropped.jpg

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stoutybear 18 Jul 2013

This information is correct. However It is important to remember that foreign countries, especially pakistan have significantly lower standards for medication production than the US this is why you were not able to identify this pill using pill identifier. Medicine from foreign countries have several risks. First and foremost the age of the pill and how far along its half life has progressed is the first issue.making outdated pills either less effective or very dangerous and unstable for the human body. Next the manufacturers have a less restrictions and guidelines on acceptable binders (the materials holding the drug together) for example 2mg of xanax is about two grains of salt in size. Last foreign drugs have an alarming rate of simple production errors and recalls. These are the pills that often get sent to the US. Ocean pharmaceuticals has been around since 1992. Pfizer was founded in 1848. I find that to be an interesting comparison. Happy reading! free discount card

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