I have been taking citalopram for a number of years with great success. I've been generally happier and coping with some bad times (bereavements, financial worries etc).

A little over a week ago my daughter was rushed to hospital very ill and was treated there on drips and medication for pancreatitis and gastro enteritis. She is now much better and getting back to normal but I have plummeted so low after being well and coping when she was in hospital. I cry every morning, have low sad feelings, generalised misery and sit sobbing for no reason. This is only for the first part of the day, after which I seem to feel stronger and I push myself to eat, shop, clean the house and do the usual things I do.

I've no idea why I feel so bad in the mornings. I'm sleeping ok, appetite is non existent so I'm just sticking with a light diet til it returns but I'm anxious and low. Any ideas?