I have prostate cancer stage four with enlarged lymph nodes. But I am also feeling things that the dr have no explanation for. I have a video of this huge mass moving inside me and I just had a few strokes. And have been feeling like there are mini fishes swimming under my skin. Other people have felt and seen them to sometimes they see and feel them be fore I do... I tried to see a dr but they keep telling me to wait... Are u serious... I was hoping someone could give me some guidance on were to find a testing place or some kind of something for this... Its driving me insane and causing me not even want to leave my house... I am not expecting a diagnosis get some other people who may have had these experiences...

Below is a list of my symptoms please any input would be huge...

1. Serve itch started in legs and worked way up to my face and head
2. Bumps all over my back chest and legs and when poped nothing would come out. 3. Belly rash that looked like exzema
4. Weight and appetite loss
5. Sleep
6 loss of sex drive
7 nausea vomitting
8. Serve heart burn
9. The sensation of fish or worms crawling swing and jumping underneath my skin
10 sharp stabbing pains in back and sides sometimes chest
11 horrible night sweats
12 blurred vision sometimes
13 fluttering in eyelids and nose
14 abnormal swelling of feet left side
15 stroke
16 unknown cause of infection
17 when I felt some thing I was able to crush it under my skin and heard it pop