So I've been on the same birth control for about a year and a half now, it's been good. Generally normal periods, starting days, etc. I don't usually miss any pills, but if I forget, I take the one I forgot the next morning, then take my pill for that day at the usual time at night.

Well last week, 2 weeks before I was supposed to start my period and placebo pills, I forgot 3 days. My boyfriend and I had sex and he finishes in me, we've done that for about a year so it's nothing new.

Well I started my period this past Tuesday but it wasn't like my normal periods. It was really light, it also stops and starts multiple times throughout the day. I also had awful cramps for 3 days when my period wasn't heavy whatsoever, and terrible headaches starting this past Monday. The headaches lasted for about 4 days. I feel sick after I eat anything, that's been this entire week.
I'm still on my period right now.

What could be wrong? Or am I just scaring myself? I appreciate any help! Thank you!