Thank you for your prayers and support. First, I found out that all of the doctors are excited to have me, because I have such a rare cancer. The tumor board was wondering why no lab work was presented to them so they'd know my viability. They were stunned that I had it so long, and I couldn't get anybody to take it it off. Dr. Bernard is on the tumor board.
My new doctor, Dr Bernard, was so mad that Smith never ordered any lab work, and my sweet GP had to guess what labs to order. Because of the electronic chart, Dr. Bernard could see that my GP ordered everything. I told how I made a special appointment to talk to the biopsy surgeon to see if there was any involvement with the bone, which there isn't. I think that Dr. Smith hung himself-- Anyway, I actually walked out with a schedule, appointments, and an order for lab work after radiation ends. He didn't talk to me like a baby, but told me the next few steps. Also-I asked who his nurse navigator was. He said Gayle--- I told him no-way-I sent her Email after Email asking her for help. That the chaplain was the one that told me that I'd be fed with with a stent. That in the last Email that I sent to Gayle, I told her that her job was to talk to doctors for me, and to be my advocate- Please do so-- I told him that I was trying to figure her out-was she new to cancer or burnt out. So I sent an Email telling her that it must be difficult to work in a cancer clinic, and how long had she been a nurse navigator- she told me that she worked for 8 years, and she found it so exciting that burn out didn't apply to her. He said, "I'll get somebody else. You won't have to see her again."
I told him how Smith insisted that I'd be back in 5 years, and wishing and begging him for the surgery-and he only said what my options were when he was mad at me. That if I had the surgery now, I'd be good for about 10 years, then I'd have more surgery, then chemo, and then radiation. Dr. Bernard said what the chaplain said-if a patient goes through all of that horrific treatment and ends up getting radiation, it makes sense to get radiation first-and skip the other. He says there seems to be proof of Smith insinuating or directly telling me that I wouldn't get any more care in oncology, because of the lack of lab work and no further appointments. I think that the tumor board is going to do something.
Dr. Bernard said that my days of being treated poorly are over with. I hope so.