OMG! my friends. I apologize for being MIA. All is well with me..still clean and sober. Coming on month 7 after jumping off sub at 1mg..after 6 years of sub and 7 years before that of Lortab addiction. I still feel great! I have been back and forth to visit Mom in WI ,(if you recall, she have kidney cancer, and we just found out it has spread) Mom is 84. I will be making these trips as much as possible in the next 6 mos to a year..I hope longer :( Just wanted to touch base. Hope you are all well. I think of you often. PM me if you want. Anyone reading out there and afraid to get off sub..I am here to tell you U CAN DO IT!!
It's been the best thing I did for myself!
Next marathon June 23.
HAve a wonderful day all!