I have been prescribed 10mg Lexapro for anxiety 1x daily it's now my 5th day on it and I am just miserable the first day was great second some nausea but bearable.. the past two days I haven't wanted to get off the couch I am achy and I have been clenching my jaw. I do notice while driving and being out I have less anxiety but when at home and even when out I'm just down almost emotionless maybe even depressed.. which I've never had any trouble with previously.. I work from home and have for sometime now and recently I've noticed a lot of anxiety in the car and anytime I leave my house and it does affect my relationship with friends/family... should I be on this medication? What should I tell my doctor? I called and they said they want me to keep taking it for at least another 3-4 days to see if it improves? Any advice would be great