I just got off the phone with my ex about my son spending the night or weekend with me. I had been talking to my son back and forth all day, he said that he wants to spend the weekend, but he said that his dad wants to talk to me first.

My ex and I hace joint custody of my son he lives with his dad..long story--- my ex told me if I'm having a bad day or not feeling sees good I have to notify my son's father as so possible!!! Because Andy SHOULD NOT SEE ME in this way like I'm on drugs... THAT I'M NOT FEELING GOOD..for example that I'm on my period. You know mom's we have been sick with a cold and our kids see that..nobody takes your kids away from us, right?

He goes on about the medication I'm on he swears that I'm on this heavy duty drugs would leave me not having the ability to take oat f my son. I do NOT take any illigal drugs.

P.S, This is a traumng event and emotional

This is so wrong! We will see what happens.